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Gatto! Eating cats and other friends

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Bebbe Bigazzi, italian tv-chef recommends his audience to eat cats. House cats. Soak them 3 days in spring water and then stew them in there own juice. Buon appetito!
That statement caused a lot of protest and Bigazzi got fired at the end. I wonder why. Most people don’t care to eat for instance cows, chicken, pigs. Their keeping emits more greenhouse gases as the worldwide traffic and causes hunger and thirst in many areas on the earth. Not to speak of the brutality of factory farming. I haven’t heard from large scale cat keeping for meat production and the most cats are living a life, pigs and co. just can dream of. So where is the problem in eating cats? Because they are more intelligent than other animals? Cuter? That means, we evaluate the value of life on the basis of intelligence and cuteness. That’s cynical.
Some of Bigazzi’s opponents said, that eating cats has no tradition in Italy. That’s the worst argument ever. Is there a tradition of treating animals as machines? Is there a tradition of a kilogram mince meat under 2 €? A tradition of fast food?
I certainly don’t want to encourage people to eat cats. But I want that everybody applies the same moral standards to animals, of what ever species.