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Gordon Brown, saver of the world

Monday, March 16th, 2009

On, environment editor Geoffrey Lean presented ten clever ideas to combat climate change. Using hemp as a build material, use electric cars and introducing a green taxation system are among them. If the political leaders of the world were to apply these ideas, the world was saved. Doesn’t that sound too wonderfully to be true? Pretty much.
These ideas aren’t very new. The humankind already missed a lot of occasions to lunch a real green revolution. Why should it happen now?
What is more, the article implies, that it is just a technical question to stand climate change. To a certain extend it is. But at the end, it is up to each of us, to make a difference. As long we dry our laundry in machines rather than hanging them up in the sun, as long we take our cars to drive distances under 5 km rather than take the bike, as long we heat our flats up to 23 degree Celsius rather than wearing a jumper, it is very unlikely, that our political leader will make the right decisions to fight climate change.

Lust but not least: It is more than cynical to state Hu Jintao and Gordon Brown in a list called “The top six world savers.” It is a bit like calling Adolf Hitler a peacekeeper, if he was to sign a peace treaty with the Soviet Union after the Battle of Stalingrad.