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open your doors for the homeless

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

The whole north of Europe is struggling against an extreme winter. While the majority of the population is confronted with cancelled trains, burst pipes and snow clearing, homeless people have to fight for their survival. According to Spiegel Online, 15 people has been killed by the cold only in Germany. It’s a question of humanity, that (semi-)public institutions such as schools, churches, stations etc. open their doors for them. The life of people is more important than physical education. A good example is the occupied lecture hall of the University Vienna, where the students allow homeless people to find a shelter from the cold. All of us, who have the opportunity to help freezing people to survive, commit non-assistance of a person in danger. Or something like a passive murder.


Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Seit letzter woche bin ich wohnungslos. Muss den platz erst finden, an dem ich bleiben will. Momentan schau ich mir Berlin an. Ich möchte allerdings auf den unterschied zwischen wohnungs- und obdachlosigkeit hinweisen.

Since last week, I’m homeless. I need to find the right place to stay. Well, I’m homeless but not unsheltered thanks to my friends. Basically I travel around. Right now, I take a look at Berlin.