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Europe as a trial to overcome national thinking

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Today, the election of the European Parliament started. Reason enough to outline my desired Europe. Being grown up after the second world war and inspired by different journeys within Europe, I really feel like a member of a new, European generation. To me, the term European Union doesn’t only mean the possibility to live and work anywhere in the Schengen area, but the overcoming of national thinking.
Having said this, I’m very concerned, that Europe is right on the way to become and elite club, excluding the rest of the world: The Fortress Europe. As a interstation on the way to real global governance, Europe must not make the same mistakes of the national countries again, just on another level. Therefore, the success of the European projects depends on its ability to be open to the world and to take international responsibility.
As on every stage, human rights and sustainability must be the main criteria of European politics. I support an Europe, which finally acknowledge the right on asylum as well as the freedom of torture and which stops any discrimination of whatever minority. I support a sustainable Europe, as well in economic as in ecological terms. Both the recent economic crisis and the ongoing climate crisis thought us, that the only reasonable way of living is a sustainable one.
On that account I wish, that every European take advantage of her or his constitutional franchise and vote for a party which stands for the values mentioned above.

An alle deutsche: Leute, wählt Grün. Welche partei bitte sonst hat eine stimmige antwort auf die probleme der zeit? Die CDU steht für nationalstaat, abschottung und überwachung, die FDP für den komplett gescheiterten (und zerstörerischen) neoliberalismus. Der linkspartei ist vielleicht noch am ehesten nachhaltiges handeln zuzutrauen, aber die einzige konsequenz ihrer extremen europaskepzis ist eine renationalisierung der politik. Wäre noch da noch die SPD.Wirkt nicht gerade erfrischend progressiv, aber man begeht sicher auch keinen großen fehler, die zu wählen. Und eben die Grünen: Die haben nicht nur mit Ska Keller, Franziska Brantner und Jan Philipp Albrecht die einzigen deutschen kandidaten unter 30 (und damit die Generation Europa) auf aussichtsreichen plätzen, sondern bieten u.a. mit dem Green New Deal einen progressiven entwurf für das Europa von morgen.

European values end at its external borders

Friday, December 12th, 2008

After the United States of America lost their integrity as an advocate for Human and Civil Rights due to gross scandals such as Abu Ghraib or Guantánamo, Europe claims to be the ideal for these values. Unfortunately, these role is nothing but a dream, only existing in speeches of ruling politicians. Apart from the discrimination against homosexuals in Eastern Europe, pogroms against Romani people in Italy among others, the EU border policy is the most embarrassing and horrible violation of Human Rights in Europe.

According to official figures, 1861 refugees died during their attempt, to reach Europe. The real figure might be much higher. Frontex, the EU agency for external border security, has rightly the reputation of a brutal and inhuman authority. But not only Frontex exercise the violation of the Geneva Conventions. The national police authorities are in charge to carry out the deportation of “illegal” immigrants and failed asylum applicants. As a recent incidence in France shows, also the people who show moral courage and try to stop the deportation are in danger to be treated by the police in a violent way.
A young man from Senegal should be deported to Senegal. After he was beaten into a plane, the other passengers stood up to object against the police and to force the pilot not to start. Some minutes, a unit of menacingly equipped policemen stormed into the plane, beating the passengers and arresting one of the critics. One of the passengers documented the situation with a camera.

Deportation.Abschiebung eines jungen Senegalesen from opendoor on Vimeo.
Europe, shame on you