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Contribution to an Andy White song

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

Andy White released a mini-album called “troubadour” to sell it on his recent tour and via post order. The CD contains a song, Andy wrote during the WOMAD summer school I joined this summer. The lyrics contains a lot of phrases, which result from our brainstorming session. Every participant of the songwriting workshop scribbled down, whatever come to mind to different topics such as “love” , “biography” or “heaven, religious stuff, beliefs.” So I contributed with some words to an Andy White album. Cool.

I don’t really know the name of the song. Something like “Wanna write a love song like nobody else” I guess. He already performed the song in Bath during the workshop. It is fun. So I’m dying to hear the album version. Hope I can get a copy of the record.I’ll tell you as soon the song is published somewhere on the Internet.

It was the same brainstorming session, where Mike Hembury’s and my song “talking plane home delay blues” originated from. In fact, both songs have some words in common, like the “heart of the worrier.”

Love and peace to Andy and the WOMAD songwriting crowd (“Andy’s hit factory”)

picture taken by Melissa Axel