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the ambivalence of flying/die mär vom fliegen Pt. II

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

Friday night. Sitting on a plane to Reykjavik. Me. On a plane. Me, who use to take the bus to travel trough half Europe to prevent flying, sitting on plane. As the engines the big destruction of the environment starts, their is nothing like a bad conscious. It is just like, thrilling. I know, flying isn’t much of a thing, but for me it’s stunning. A tons-heavy colossus takes off and transporting me thousands of miles in a couple of hours. My conscious is blown away by a acceleration of a rocket.
After landing, mind and conscious comes back. Though I think, it is justifiable to take a plane to Iceland (I just couldn’t make it in time with a ferry), the flight left me with a numb feeling. I know, there’s no way of setting off the carbon dioxide  emissions of a flight. Things like atmosfair are more like selling of indulgences rather than making an valuable impact against climate change. While my flights response for about 600 kg CO2 in 3 hours, trees plant in comparison could only absorb this amount in a lifespan.
So I consider to donate the amount of money atmosfair suggest for an organisation like greenpeace. Or the green party. At the end, it is a political matter, that flights are taxed in a relation to their impact on the climate.
What do you thing?