spring-cleaning on So what’s new?

  • new design: new, clear design. I dumped some unnecessary information such as the tag cloud and everything is now laid out in two instead of three columns.
  • soundcloud player: I finally got rid of the ugly myspace player. Instead, you can listen to my portfolio on the smart soundcloud player. Looks much better and offers some features as sharing and commenting music.
  • tumblr and twitter feed: In the right column you will now find my latest posts on tumblr and flickr. So you find everything I’m posting aggregated at one place.
  • wordpress 2.9.: I also updated wordpress to it’s latest version.
  • improved commenting: The comments are now powered by DisqUs, enabling cross-platform discussions.
  • sharing: Under each post you’ll now find a button to share the post on your social media.
  • Troll

    По своему блогу начинаю замечать, что спамят втупую все реже. Уже чаще читают посты и даже пишут хоть сколько-нибудь полезные комменты. В таких случаях я коммент оставляю, а ссылку режу