german cuisine: quick and dirty/using up old bread

Some french chef once stated: “There’s no german cuisine. There’s just the german art of using up what’s left.” I agree. I’ve no cue what german cuisine might be (what is “german” anyway?), but I know, how to squeeze out my fridge and turn its often minimal content not into gold, but into some delicious, quick meal. As lent will turn me into a vegan, I was furthermore forced to use up my last animal products. In this case it were just three eggs; not too much of a problem. Than I had some old heel of a bread and fortunately a couple of these boxes with grains such as rice, bulgur, couscous and wheat. I went for the latter which I simmered until ready. In the meantime, I beat the eggs into a bowl and mixed them with some salt and freshly grounded pepper. I chopped the bread into small bits and soaked them in the eggs. Then I chopped two tomatoes, gave everything (egg with bread, tomatoes) into a pan and fried it from both sides to an omelette.
That gave a delicious and fast (about 15 min) dinner. I just seasoned the wheat with a dash of soy sauce.
Quick and dirty. Maybe it’s that what german means?

What are you doing with your old, hard bread, that feels like a stone when you bite on it?

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