Spread the word on the national budget

The expectations were enormous, as Barack Obama was inaugurated as the 44th president of the United States of America. Not only his spunky agenda was a cause for. During his election campaign, he enthused millions of Americans (and beyond) to support him. He launched the biggest political movement on the Internet ever. Thus, he was expected and he promised, to lead the governance of the White House to a new age of transparency and communication.
As the German online news portal Spiegel Online reports, he wasn’t able to keep his word until now. Faced with the reality of data protection regulations, his team couldn’t find a way to make use of the millions of addresses they collected during the election campaign.

In my opinion, this is quite a good thing. It is own thing, to move the masses for a campaign, for a change. But it’s another matter, to spam them with callings, to spread the word on the national budget.

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