New Year Eve Reggae from Sweden

As a present for the turn of a year, I present you two (outside of Scandinavia) pretty unkown, but fantastic reggae bands from Sweden, where I linger these days.

The first crew is called Livelihood. They sing as well in Swedish as in English. They belong not only to the group of Swedish reggae artists, but also to the very raw raggae bands with a female singer. Does anyone know, where their are so few of them? Their style is mixed with dub elements.
Here comes one of my favourite songs of them: Öppna upp

Kultiration is the second band. Their are from Gothenburg and play a very thrilling mixture of reggae, jazz and folk elements. Great stuff.

As an extra song, I show you “Det löser sig” by Timbuktu. This guy is more of an rapper than a reggae singer, but he blends plenty of styles, such as reggae, salsa, polca with rap music. The video is fun.

I wish you best vibes for the next year. I’m pretty curious. Best wishes from Sweden.


(picture taken by Beccy Kludig)

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  • petra

    hallo johann,… gut, du hast es gleich eingestellt, ich habe livelihood auch schon weiterempfohlen an einen anderen musiker… viele grüße aus berlin!!! petra aus dem bus nach göteburg!